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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:07:40 -0700

> Hmm.. seems I really need to re-read the book. :-)

I don't think most of my explanations are actually *in* the book, this time; just extrapolations from it and half-remembered snippets of converstaions 5 years ago...

>> I didn't write the rule in question, but yes, that's the intent. The
>> bundle
>> acts as the "SuperFetish" for the Practice group. Losing the Bundle is
>> similar to losing a fetish or charm - you can't contact the spirit(s).
> I completely missed this when I read the rules. Luckily, the paragraph
> states
> that released spirits from fetishes "may not return", which I take to mean
> that they can. I always thought relationships to the spirits in a fetish
> were personal, so it never occured to me that losing a medicine bundle
> would
> lose all the worshippers their ability to recover spirits.

See what happens to Spirits and charms when you "Leave the practice" on page 141.

Basically, the Bundle is what's keeping the Practice group from (involuntarily) "leaving the practice".

>> > Can your practice group eject you in the sense of disrupting your
>> > relationship with the majestic spirit?
>> They can eject you and cut off access to *their* medicine bundle. They
>> can
>> send spirits/sendings after you (as if you left the practice, page 141).
>> They can slander your name to other practice groups/shamans so they won't
>> let you join. They *can't* cut you off from the MS (without a *great*
>> deal
>> of effort, I'm sure).
> So other than the guardian blessings (a-la wyter) what does being cut off
> from
> the medicine bundle consist of?

>From one particular one? Nothing really, as long as there's another one you
can "attach" to.
>From all? Basically, you've "left the tradtion" however involuntarily it may
have been, except that when you can get "back in contact" with a bundle, it's like you never left. (Remember that spirits are almost always Hostile or Neutral to embodied beings - page 148)

> (And I am glad this is less damaging than being cut off from a grimoire,
> where
> you lose all ability to use the grimoire.)

Different magical systems...

> The description of the Moosehead Spur medicine bundle seems to say no. It
> works at distance to everyone connected to it.

Well, even *I* can be wrong :-).

> One bit I might be unclear on - is it one medicine bundle per majestic
> spirit?
> If you are a practice group that uses a core tradition and a helper
> tradition, would you have two bundles?

Yep. it's like a wyter for a Clan, and another for the clan's Warband. Not everyone is a "member" of every practice or helper tradition (Frex, in Prax, men and women worship different spirits - so there is a Waha bundle and a Eiritha bundle (And a Daka Fal Bundle, and a Copper Sands Society Bundle, and an Oakfed bundle, and a Frog Woman Bundle - assuming all those practices are followed in your clan).

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