Re: A new guy with basic character creation questons

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 11:10:16 -0400

Richard Evans wrote:
> Hi All
> (apologies in advance for spelling mistakes..)
> Im new in town & have some slightly embarrassing questions on character
> generation.
> Basically I think Im missing something, having read the book a couple of
> times Im still not sure how to make a character so I was hoping I could
> bounce the following off the list & see if im right.
> You eithier write a hundred word background or just a list of 10 keywords,
> for example :-

You are using the list rather than the backstory, I'd presume.  

> 01.Heortling
> 02.Warrior
> 03.worships Humakt - Storm aspect
> 04.Excellent rider
> 05.uses a two handed sword
> 06.Has a magic cloak that blends into any natural surroundings
> 07.Wears soft leather armour handed down through the family, specially
> crafted it offers more protection than usual
> 08.Part of the ...................................
> 09.Posses a well / personally trained war horse
> 10.Poor - lives off the land.

Sounds reasonable so far. But you forgot your goal in life. <grin> Probably to stop living off the land.  

> So if Im reading it right this then brakes down as follows
> 01.
> This one gives you ALL skills under the Culture paragraph for Heortlings

Yes. At 13

> 02.
> This gives you ALL the skills under the occupation of Warrior for Heortling.

Yes. At 17

> 03.
> Defines which god the character worships & another set of skills depending
> on that god.

Yes. At 17. Don't forget your Humakti Gift & Geas

> 04 & 05
> Goes in as a skill

Yes. At 13

> 06 & 07
> Appears on the character sheet as a magic item.

Yes. At 13 unless otherwise noted.

> 08.
> Will give him yet more skills / magic depending on the group he joins

Yes. And probably a relationship.

> 09
> Appears on the character sheet as normal items


> 10
> Statement of money / living conditions

Yes. In this case it would b10 rather than 15 a warrior would normally get.

And don't forget you have 1 abilty/affinty at 5W (not a keyword, of course) and 2 abilities/affinities at 1W. These are what you are known for.

> How does this look ????????

There's a good sample character at....

...written by Wesley. Its quite beefy and full of Alkothi Goodness.  

> My next question is a little shorter. If I have a spell called "Shield
> Breaker" I assume that the reason there are no explanations of what this
> does is that it & all spells literally do what & the GM just keeps adding
> modifiers depending on what your trying to do.

Um, feats tend to do something more or less specific but if you get more flexible with them, as you get better and as the narrator lets you worok out how the feats function.

Remember, its a two way street. If you figure out something funky to do with the Feat, you shouldn't feel annoyed when someone uses it against you.  

> Cheers
> Richard Evans


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