Re: Re: HeroQuest for Supers...

From: Toksickburn_at_...
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 03:34:37 EDT


>I'm aware the HQ is about story first rather than rules; that, however, is
>somewhat conceited since it is true of any roleplaying system

I think you are still misunderstanding what i mean when i say story. Of course every rpg is about a story and telling it, but you are very concerned how to simulate certain powers in your game, while i think if you look at it from a story point of view its easy, your hero gets: duplicate 15M4 and thats it.
If you want to bring that power into the story, the rating measures just how useful it is and everything else is a matter of narration. So a villain is shooting at you with his superpower-ray_whatever and you say, i duplicate myself, so that he is unable to blast the right one. Thats "superpower-ray_whatever 5M3" versus "duplicate 15M4".  

But i can see why you think this is not satisfying, because it seems you like the crunchy part of the supers genre, simulating all the powers, which i think is fine. But you dont find that very much in HQ IMO.  



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