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From: Mandacaru <samclau_at_...>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 13:58:32 -0000

[Apologies in advance - this may end up being a double post as I think my computer ate my first attempt]

Jane and LC asked to see how the chained contest went. Poor fools ;-)

The multilegged party monster (the PC's) are on a heroquest which has something to do with remembering their funereal rites. They are accompanied by an ancient Kralori shaman (i.e. an Uz who is in the form of a giant scorpion) and her dead-but-now-a-zombie Zorak Zorani son. They are supposed to go down into Snakepipe Hollow, follow the river upstream, get "Good Bluefire" off a giant by making him cry, then at Skyfall take their dead into the underworld or something. Sorry to be vague :)

It took rather too long to get down the cliff as I chose to run the scorpion men trying to stop them getting down as an EC (talking PbEM). One of the PC's (Vurth, Uroxi, that's Jeff N.) just died because he fell off the bat-scorpion-man-thing he was trying to beat up. That's not directly relevant, though, and the PC as a playable character isn't really dead, just different, we'll sort something out. Point is, the game has been slow lately (with me moving country and all) so I want to speed things up some.

At the foot of the cliff, Skade the Giant (think Noddy from Slade, there's even a Gloranthan song with dwarves, rising moons and all appears, saying Fie Fie Foe Fum I Smell the Blood of a Thieving Duck (Silverquill the duck (Soren) stole a tear from him some while back, this is now a blue lightning orb). I got two great posts almost simultaneously from two players with ways to distract the giant, each post with abilities and numbers. So, I chose to start this as a chained contest.

  1. Faren the burly farmer (Bryan) grabs a dulunut bush (Vurth the Uroxi was using this to hit the bat scorpion man) and lights it with his lightning magic, hoping the smell of roasting nuts will distract the giant. Faren's ability is the heroband blessing Bountiful Dulunuts with a pile of augments. Skade the giant resists with his Hate Little Thieving Pompous Ducks 20W plus and minus some stuff. The rolls give a marginal defeat to Faren, but Faren hasn't done anything else yet (I've a nice idea of what he could do but Bryan probably has a better one). The giant decides he is going to eat "Duck a la Nut" for tea.
  2. Gyffun the skald (Paul) sings his Run Rabbit Run song to get everyone to scatter and thus confuse the giant. Skade resists with the same ability and gets a critical, a major victory. Skade bends down and blows Gyffun away (ouch!). He's at -50%
  3. Silverquill decides to attract the giant's attention which is a tricky one as the giant is looking for the duck anyway. I roll nevertheless, Loud Quacking for Silverquill, using a default 6 for Skade, and Silverquill gets a marginal victory. Skade falls over looking for the duck but pins Silverquill's beard (he's a sage) to the ground under his little toe. [at this point I posted my Q to the list]
  4. Silverquill releases himself from the beard and tries to talk to the giant but but the giant tries to smash him with a fist. Lacking my notes, I used a generic squash duck abilitiy which Silverquill resisted with his Nimble, Small etc. Skade's marginal victory is converted to a minor for Silverquill with a HP and Skade's fist slams into a rock. He slumps against the cliff face declaring that none of it is fair, he just wants his tear back. He also mentions that he can't cry.
  5. At this point, Vurth's ghost is running up Skade's trouser leg, aiming at a soft spot and this is tickling Skade. Silverquill has recruited Gyffun (the skald) to tell the giant a sad story to get him to cry. Gyffun is using certain abilities without the wounded modifier (-50%) but is augmenting with some abilities which are at half. I'm going to allow others to augment and resolve it all in a final roll I think.

So, all rather rough and ready, but the chained contest does allow me to be a bit more fleet-footed than with an EC. I think I approve.


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