Re: QW - How many augments (to Mr Laws)

From: Mandacaru <samclau_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 20:53:41 -0000

Mike Holmes wrote:

> I avouid this, largely, by only having one character involved in
the vast
> majority of contests.

Yes, but you are clever like that, albeit, ultimately, fallible ;-)

> Avoid "party play" and the problem ceases to exist.

Much as I try, that multilegged party monster keeps coming back to terrorize us :)

> If/when such stacking does occur, the help is exceptional, and
> because of that. "Oh, so and so is lending a hand? Wow, that's

Yes but, a very simple example, which I posted here before... Two players, Paul and Bryan, post successive, great actions involving a giant. Normally I'd be looking for a single simple contest but both have come up with fun stuff and a bunch of augments, all sensible, fun etc. In the past I have stacked all the skills and it has worked, but the numbers have been pretty big. In this case I diverted things into a chained contest, but I get this situation a lot.


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