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From: Ashley Munday <aescleal_at_...>
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 21:06:24 +0100 (BST)


The problem here is that ability ratings are not a measure of how strongly someone feels but a measure of how that ability affects the narrative. A character can have an ability of "Passionately in Love with Missus 17" but if he ever has to lean on it then there's a fair chance that character is going to end up with a defeat or a pretty meagre augment.

The same goes for a carpenter - just 'cause he or she's got a low score doesn't mean they're a bad carpenter, it just means that contests involving carpentry end up making things more interesting for the character.



> IMO Rory's ratings are way to high. If the idea is,
> can you seduce someone
> who is in love or is married, well just look at how
> very many people are not
> the child of who they think they are. People in love
> sleep with other people
> all the time.
> If you are talking about selling your beloved to a
> slave merchant, well, you
> need a situational modifier there I think.
> Also, taking modern romantic love as the yardstick
> is likely less
> interesting than having situations where people are
> with someone because
> that way they won't starve to death. The latter has
> so much more potental,
> IMO.
> Finally, if the idea is that a Carpenter 17 is a
> bloody good carpenter
> compared with me, well then, that 17 is higher than
> I think we get used to
> playing HQ.
> Sam.
> Jane after RR:
> > (figuring that if you're not "In love 5w",
> > you're not really In
> > Love, I suppose - "In Love 17" is pretty weak, and
> > would probably fall under "potential partner").
> Erm.... while I can see your point, this makes me
> more
> doubtful than ever about the character generation
> system. Your PC is married. But even if they put
> their
> precious 20 points into the relationship with their
> spouse, they're not really going to be in love by
> this
> yardstick. Never mind the description of them and
> their children, they're beginning characters, so
> they
> can't feel strongly about anything. There's
> something
> wrong here!
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