Looting Charms and fetishes

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:54:36 -0000

My gut feeling on this question is that one can not use fetishes that are not made by or for you, since you have a relationship with the spirits in the fetish, and they are not going to be happy working for anyone who is not part of their tradition and practice.

Charms are a lesser thing though. It is "always on" and "augment only". I'm not so sure the spirits in a charm have the same level of consciousness as those in a fetish, and may not know or care who is using them.

That's not to say that one can loot enemy charms with impunity. they are still "foreign magic" as far as one's own magic is concerned and your Wizard/Liturgist/God/Priest/Shaman/Practice Leader/other Spirits are not going to be happy that you are relying on them. Equally, members of the tradition/practice who created the charm may be unhappy about you possessing it and seek to recover it.

At it's most obvious, a Heortling using a Thed charm are likely to be shunned or even outlawed if their neghbours find out. They may also be visited by impests, and find the Uroxi are sniffing around, even if they keep its origin a secret.

A Praxian using a looted pure-horse charm might find it harder to deal with spirits in their own tradition and practice, which can sense something wrong - this migh affect both the aquisition of new charms and/or fetishes, and the length of time it takes his fetish spirits to return if released.

A Broo, on the other hand will happily use charms from anyone he can steal from...

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