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From: Robin Laws Mail List Only <tjaderoo_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 11:59:29 -0400

On 7/23/07, Tim Ellis <tim_at_...> wrote:

> So if the Trident guy has "Trident Combat 5W" and the Circus owner
> wants an even match with a 50/50 chance of either winning does he
> want Armoured guy to have a skill of
> a) "Heavy armour and sword combat 5W" - both skills are the same ?
> b) "Heavy armour and sword combat 2W" with a +3 bonus for heavy
> armour ?
> c) "Sword combat 2W" with a +3 bonus for heavy armour ?
> d) "Sword combat 5W" with a +3 bonus for wearing heavy armour and a -
> 3 penalty for improvising "sword combat in Heavy Armour" from it
> Robin, I think, would say (a).

Yes, he would.

Thanks for pitching on on the exegesis, Tim.

Take care >>> Robin

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