Spirit Combat

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 10:58:05 +0100

In message Digest Number 94, David Dunham writes

>Jeff answered
>>You use something appropriate like Brave. The Sprit Combat skill is
>>only used to Initiate challenges.
>I'd certainly allow Spirit Combat here...

Me too. An Animist who defeats a hostile spirit should be able to bind it in the same way as if it was one he had initiated the combat against...

As Roderick says

> If he just happened to have an appropriate empty fetish lying around,
>he could even bind the spirit (though happening to have a convenient
>empty fetish lying around is a low probablility event.).

OK then (gets out character sheet and pencil)

"Travelling Fetish Salesman 17" That should do it!

Are Fetishes specific to the type of spirit that you are placing in them?

I'm guessing that the answer ought to be yes - For example a Fly spirit fetish might include a feather, while a Combat fetish includes a predators tooth.

Can a fetish be more "general purpose", or are they specific to the spirit they hold? (I'm thinking here of the Animist characters fetishes which can be "refilled" between adventures, possibly with different spirits - is this actually "replaced"? - Also the example IIRC of fighting the Bear Spirit to get Hibernation - would you need to prepare a "Hibernation" fetish before setting out, or just a "bear" fetish which could also hold spirits for "Climb", "Fish", "Scent Prey" and other Bear like abilities?

Crystals, then could be "blank" fetishes. Your "Flight" spirit must be bound to a fetish containing flight feathers, or a flying insect trapped in amber, or a crystal.

This does, of course give you a whole load of new adventure seeds for Animist characters who can be sent by the tribe or shaman to find/capture/retrieve the appropriate components for a fetish...

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