Re: Temporarily Joining a Hero Band

From: David <daveolloyd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:51:45 -0000


The underworld is used in the rules as the example of when you take the -20 alien world penalty. However, an example of a special ability that a guardian might have is "special defenses while in an alien otherworld," so (maybe by stretching the rules a bit) I think that it would be reasonable to allow a guardian to cancel an alien world penalty. (And it's somebody else's guardian, so the players don't get to "keep" it, so it won't unbalance things).

Also, looking at it from a purely result-oriented point of view, a -20 modifier to all abilities is way too big for players to overcome unless the demons of the underworld are ridiculously weak. (I've never played it, but I've wondered how an animist or sorcerous player could manage in the Sky Ship scenario).


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