Re: Concentrating Magic

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 08:23:23 -0000

> I don't think this is the best way. Concentration in one
> eliminates the possibility of concentrating in another, which
having it be
> "just a skill" doesn't - a hero should *not* have anything like:
> Concentrated in Theism 17,
> Concentrated in Animism 2w
> Concentrated in Sorcery 15w3
> (Sure, you can put a caveat on the use of this one type of
skill "Can't have
> any other Concentration abilities", but that's adding a "special
rule" and
> thus complexity).

On the assumption that any time any one of these abilities is appropriate so are all the others, this might not be such a problem. "I'll improvise a feat from my movement affinity - I get a +1 for being Concentrated in Theism 17, a -1 for Concentrated in Animism 2W and a -8 for Concetrated in Sorcery..."

although it might be more of a problem if the "Concentration" were used as the primary ability

> I think going with a binary system ("If you are concentrated, you
> can't use other magic, and you get XYZ benefits") is better than
the skill
> idea, frankly.

OTOH a treating it as a skill but adding a "You can only have one Concentration" special rule is still fewer special rules than "You can only have one Concentration and it gives you these benefits" (and facilitates the use in variant Gloranthas (or other worlds) where Concetration need not be binary) Remembering always that in the past hard and fast rules have often turned out not to be... (Shaman/priests of Kyger Litor or Thed, Sorceror/Priests of Black Arkat etc)

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