Re: Heroquest Kung Fu

From: Ian Young <ian.d.young_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 04:09:44 -0000

Tim Ellis wrote:

> Someone posted a set of houserules on for Kung Fu in
> Heroquest - a rather complex, overly crunchy set to my mind,
> suggesting the poster hasn't quite grocked the "HQ Philosophy" (A
> situation I'm sure many of us can sympathise with until we
> suddenly "saw the light")

Back when I first got my copy of HeroQuest, which I was reading simultaneously with The Three Musketeers and Captain Alatriste, I sat down and wrote up some rules for musketeers. Specifically, I came up with different schools of fencing, based loosely on the military specialties for the foot soldier occupation keyword. Yeah, they were a little overly crunchy, and yes, they reflected a more traditional expectation from the rules, but they served, their purpose.

Sometimes players want to create a more tactical option for clever use of augments. I think the notion of treating various kung fu (or perhaps even fencing) maneuvers as affinities, which can only be used one at a time instead of stacking, is a nifty approach.


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