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From: Henk Langeveld <henk_at_...>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 16:34:26 +0200

For those who might not be subscribed to the other HQ related lists:

Below two updates related to HeroQuest and Moon Design Publications:



Rick Meints wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have just returned from a wonderful weekend in Berlin (Jeff
> Richard's wedding) followed by an awesome weekend in the Uk at the
> Continuum convention. The trip has left me recharged, reinvigorated,
> and ready to move forward on many things. Special thanks to all
> those friends (old and new) I had a chance to spend time with, and
> for all the positive support they provided me.
> My first announcement:
> ----------------------
> I have employed the services of Roderick Robertson to assist Moon
> Design in many administrative endeavors, including production
> related matters such as working with the project lead of each book,
> my printers, distributors, and such. In particular, communicating as
> to what is in the works will be an ongoing responsibility of his.
> Welcome Roderick! More details to follow soon as he gets his Moon
> Design crash course. We have not given him an official title just
> yet, but Communications Tsar will certainly be part of it.
> Publication related updates:
> ----------------------------
> Continuum saw the debut of a preview version (text only) of the new
> HQ2: Questworlds core rulebook. I wanted to specifically make it
> available to help us in the last push to get it ready for
> publication this Christmas season. Podcasts of the seminars related
> to the HQ2 book should be on the web shortly, and many thanks go to
> Darran Sims for heroicly recording and preparing them.
> The Esrolia: Land of 10,000 Goddesses book will be avialable for
> sale at Warehouse23 and similar outlets in August, uncluding the PDF
> version on DrivethruRPG. This 58 page addition to the Stafford
> Library is a wonderful sourcebook on all things Esrolian, with a
> super set of maps and information on Nochet in particular.
> Jeff and Loz are working full tilt on the introductory Cults of
> Sartar book as the first installment of their larger Pavis: Gateway
> to Adventure supplement. At Continuum they spoke about both in great
> detail and podcasts of the seminars should be available on the web
> soon.
> Heroes of Malkion is in the art assignment and layout stage. I
> expect it to be on sale in paper and PDF form by Christmas this year.
> Simon has done a wonderful cover for it, and has the art theme well
> in hand.
> When Malkion (the first of three in the series by Trotsky) is done
> we will then move on to getting the Aldryami book through art and
> layout. Expect it early in 2009.
> While at the convention I also spoke with the authors of many
> forthcoming projects, including Ian Cooper's Red Cow (Sartar based)
> campaign book, Newt's Red Storm Rising book, Stu Stansfield's
> Caladraland book, and several others. No firm dates for those yet.
> Greg and I also discussed his Grand Argrath campaign book, and I am
> happy to report that he is making steady progress on it. I'll defer
> to him as to when he expects to have his writing finished.
> As I first said at a Tentacles convention seminar in May, and
> restated again at a Continuum seminar, with the added assistance I
> have recently brought on board, especially with layout and website
> skills, a great many projects will come to fruition over the next 6-
> 12 months. No one is more tired of all the past delays than I am.
> I realise that I have not touched on every topic or project in the
> works. There are gloranthan projects, non-gloranthan Questworlds
> supplements, the website, and more to also update you on, but a
> partial update now seemed far better than a more complete one at
> some later date.
> May the Great Compromise be restored.
> Rick Meints
> Moon Design Publications

Roderick Robertson wrote:

> Hi everyone, 
> Sorry to be so late responding (I know, I know, and me being 
> Communications Czar and all), but Rick's announcement caught me at a 
> bad time (no, *not* on the toilet - get your minds out of the gutter -
>  on the train, with no internet access). 
> I'm proud to be the newest member of the Moon Design team, and look 
> forward to producing solid Gloranthan (and Other) gold with the great 
> group of writers, artists, editors and layout people that Rick has 
> already assembled, and with newcomers yet to be discovered (hint, 
> hint). 
> Most of you know me already, but for those that don't, a brief CV - 
> I've been playing in Glorantha since the publication of RQ1, and have 
> nearly a complete collection of official RQ and HQ material as Rick 
> does (though somewhat deficient in the fan-produced arena). I've been 
> working on the publishing end of Glorantha since Hero Wars, through 
> HQ.
> I've been involved in the RPG industry since 1990, and in that time 
> I've written, edited, laid out books, and been a line developer, 
> print buyer and art director. The only part of the RPG process I 
> haven't done is artist (if you veterans of early RQ3 think the 
> Dobyski artwork was bad, well...).
> So, what do I see for the future? Another Gloranthan Renaissance, 
> this time under the HQ banner. 
> I beg your indulgence for a few weeks while I get up to speed on the 
> projects we already have in the pipeline. I promise that once I know 
> where all the various projects are, I will keep you all informed in a 
> timely manner. I'll get the pipeline moving and product flowing, and 
> make this the best Gloranthan Era yet.  
> RR

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