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Mark Mohrfield asks:
Will the three types be differentiated in game mechanics? Darran Sims Answers:
Divine Magic users use Rune Affinities as direct abilities not just augments. An affinity is something you are.
Spirit Magic users have spirits tied to runes that they can use as direct abilities not just augments.
A spirit is something you have.
Wizards cast specifically named spells either as direct abilities or augment.
A spell is something you know.

Narratively there are differences between three systems which then affects the mechanics to a certain extent.

Affinities are often Broad Abilities and cover a wide remit. Broad abilities have a higher difficulty rating. Affinities are split down into Feats that tighten their function more.

Spirits are more versatile and often have ambiguous uses. They can be very useful in the right conditions though at other times they could be rendered useless. Charms are associated with spirits and have a tighter use.

Spells have a very tight function and do exactly as they are written. It is hard to use outside their remit as they are not very adaptable. Grimoires are the collection of spells that are tied to a particular rune. As a wizard get more powerful they may discover more spe    

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Hi there,
I was trying to remember the handy descriptiuons about feats, charms, spells, etc. that I remember reading somewhere, e.g. "A feat is something you do." I seem to remember that there were others, but I can't remember where I saw them or what the rest of them were. Can anybody help an absent-minded Gloranthafile out?

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