Re: Singing 10%, Snooker 85% (was: stuff)

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 18:38:06 -0000

> Well no one can pry HQ1 away from you if you prefer it. But I would
> recommend breaking away from a mixed apporach if you can.

Why? Why should Jamie break away from something that, after reasoned assessment, he feels offers the best way forward for him? Because it does not conform to a set of what some of us consider overly reductive conceptions?


[Edit: I see Jamie has also responded, just as I was about to send this. Apologies to Jamie for attempting to speak on his behalf but, as my likes and dislikes in HQ run parallel to his, I'll pipe up all the same.]

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