RE: More Missing Runes?

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 15:39:59 +0100

Tim asks (on HW-rules):

> Is the description of the 5 Arkats on p60 of Glorantha... another > example of a Rune Font going missing?

Almost certainly.

> If not, can anyone explain to me the meaning of ah, a0, ag, a5 and > as?

I'd assume the "a" is "Arkat" in every case. I have asked Greg if he can help with the rest.

FWIW, here are the other obscure and undefined runes I've found (and asked Greg about already): more news when I get it.

[a] p.70, 252 (a croquet hoop with a dot inside the top of the arch: may
mean "Fronela" or "Loskalm"?)

[b] p.78 & 82 (a triangle containing an inverted triangle -- associated with
the Loskalmi Hrestoli Church but *not* its rune)

[c] p.183 (a squiggly line with a circle at its left end and a dot at its
right end, similar to but not identical with other Kralori "draconic" runes)

[d] Also, the old GoG "Dragon" rune is used in the Kralori section but not
(re?)defined. It could mean "Kralorela" or "Godunya" or something else altogether.

[e] Also also, are the two runes on pp.190f meant to be in italics? They
look rather odd, and are next to strangely italicised paragraphs.

[f] p.201 (three adjacent circles, the centre one larger & with a curved

[g] Magasta has two runes on p.217 -- his own ("Water", per p.8) and a
doubled zig-zag (which also appears on p.210). What is the second rune?

[h] p.219 (left: the Mysticism rune with a solid lower half)

[i] p.219 (centre: inverted "V" with paired rays emerging each side of the

[j] p.219 (right: "windmill" symbol -- probably related to Vithelan
Afterlife, cf. p.190)

[k] p.226 (circle above a horizontal line with some funny business going on

Cheers, Nick

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