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Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 11:32:10 -0400

David Dunham wrote:
> > I've been playing RPGs since 1976, and I'm having a hard time grasping them.
> For what it's worth, I've been playing almost as long, and I never
> had a hard time grasping them -- except that I hadn't grasped them at
> all (admittedly, these were the playtest rules, and they've since
> been clarified).
> It probably depends on what you're expecting. If you want a next
> generation RuneQuest or a detailed simulation, you'll have a harder
> time. If you want an easier way to play Glorantha, you'll probably be
> well rewarded.

This is about par for the course. Many of the complaints leveled at the system have been simulationist in nature, which is an understandable ground for complaint as RQ was quite strong (too strong) in that department. I must admit I find creating NPCs in 5 minutes rather refreshing. Gives me more time for plot and subplot.  

> Michael asked
> > >We played the game for over a year, and the only time we got
> > >ridiculous results was a consequence of a rule that's been changed.
> >
> > As a matter of idle curiosity, which rule was that?
> The original extended contest system had very common transfers, which
> meant that beating a tough opponent pumped you up so that you would
> find it much easier to beat the next opponent. This led to some
> ridiculous results, but we've never seen anything close to that since
> the chart was changed.

Yeah. Transfers happened on Major successes as well, which made for very, very scary games. A great amount of see-sawing and very, very, VERY long drawn out battles. I was one of the Gencon playtesters and found it one of the more annoying parts of the system. VERy glad to see it changed.  

> Douglas asked
> > > Typically not -- this gives him an ability like Relationship:
> > > Voshfrei Clan. (In my Ralios game, this would give you one
> > > clan-specific magical ability, but not in my Jrusteli game.)
> >
> > Is that because you are playing with two slightly different
> > interpretations/feels, or because your Ralian culture has extra magical
> > abilities compared to the Jrusteli?
> Because I'd previously defined Ralian clans as having hereditary
> powers. But I don't think most communities give you any sort of
> abilities -- the relationship itself is the key thing. Having the
> potential backing of 1000 people is pretty cool.

I liek this. I've been giving the Orlanthi Clans of Sartar a hereditary subcult which is useful to members of that clan by blood or adoption. Usually a feat which is often not very useful.

And yes, 1000 folks backing you up is a *grand* thing. especailly if they actually DO support you utterly. But then, you have to support them too. A clan is a 2 way street....

(The Feudal System is a two way streeet... We give you some land, you make sure we eeeeat! Serving us is what you vassals do!
So give us some ale or we'll get medieval on you!)

Sorry. Just watched History Bites -- see it if you can.


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