Gloranthan Magic in the new rules

From: L C <lightcastle_at_...>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 13:47:10 -0500

  OK, new topic.

 From what I gather, there is a Gloranthan appendix in the new rules, but that is all. That's fine. One of the places that HQ1 had introduced the most "crunch overlay" was Magic.
I understand from stolen snippets of conversation that there is a system involving linking you to runes. So, some questions about magic, if people are able to indulge me.

  1. Does the 3-world system still exist? Are the magic systems mechanically different, or does the description amount to narrative controls over what is an appropriate use of the magic and/or how one acquires it?
  2. Is there still an aspect of magic being packages of broad abilities that link with specific abilities under them? (Grimoires and the spells within, Affinities and feats)
  3. Common magic has disappeared, from what I understand?
  4. There was a vague and I think unofficial 3-affinity limit per god, which sort of ported over to animism and wizardry as well. If people automatically have a link with an elemental rune, how does this play out?

I had another question, but I have forgotten it.

That should be enough to start, one thinks. (Forgive the Glorantha-focus of this, I will try to keep the discussion to the mechanical sides of the question more than the "Gloranthan reality" sides of it.)


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