Re: Re: HQ with a d12 [was genre & setting for HQ2]

From: L C <lightcastle_at_...>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 14:26:32 -0500

Ian Young wrote:

>Message to self: Don't try using Yahoo's beta Rich-Text editor.

*shakes fist at Yahoo!*

>As I've tried writing a couple of times over, I got to thinking about
>your proposal as the sun was rising this morning, and it makes pretty
>good sense -- masteries roll over at 10s, 11 is a crit, 12 is a
>fumble. It maintains the same increased odds at the extremes as my
>d12 scheme, but adopts a simple base-10 scale (sorry Little
>Twelvetoes). I rather like it.

Not mine. I remember getting into a debate on it years ago when I first found the HQ system. IT does compress down the mastery roll-over, of course, but outside of that you don't even have to change any numbers if you don't want. I suppose if "they are in the same mastery" it is important sometimes to fiddle, but outside of that, just take any thing you have and remember that W=20. Hell, double the number after the W and add 1 if the person has a tens digit and you're done. (14W2 becomes 4W5, just like that.)

I have to admit that I always liked the idea that it means a 1W3 doesn't mean you lose the level "success" an only have crit.

Get back to us on how it works, I've never actually tried playing with it.

>Anyway, I've begun using it in lieu of buying the new Mouse Guard RPG.
>It makes for a nice, easy system for a simple (but not simplistic)

Interesting. I've always been torn by Burning Wheel as a system. I really do like the idea of the dice mechanic underlying it, but I can't stand all the life path stuff, and never had the patience to sit down and figure out if I could pull them apart easily.


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