RE: Misapplied Misapplied Worship Rules?

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 17:19:51 +0100

More on changing between magic systems -- which we all seem to agree is possible, if very difficult and rare:

"Theistic Magic" (HW p.182) gives rules for worshippers changing cults or
pantheons (they lose all their magic powers for doing this, even if they stick within the same pantheon). But these don't say anything about changing magic systems (e.g. theists converting to sorcerous, animist or mystical worship).

"Sorcerous Magic" has nothing comparable, though pp.200-1 mention the
possibility of naughty sorcerers being expelled from their Order, or even their Church. There are no mechanics saying whether they lose their sorcerous powers if this happens. And nothing about them converting to theistic, animist or mystical ways.

"Animist Magic" has shamans allowed to join multiple traditions, but nothing
re: what happens if they abandon their old tradition, or whether ordinary members can participate in more than one tradition. Again, it's not stated whether (say) a Waha Tradition shaman who crosses over to the Red School of Masks would lose his Waha-derived spirits, fetishes, fetch, integrated spirits, etc. Hsunchen tribesmen who break taboos can be beaten up by powerful spirits from their own tradition (HW p.216) -- which is surely a step in the right direction. (Who could fail to approve of hsunchen getting duffed up?). But again, there's nothing explaining how an animist worshipper could ditch his tribal ways and join a proper modern religion (be it theistic, sorcerous or mystical).

"Mystical Magic", of course, has nothing particularly useful. (Why are we
not surprised?)

There's nowt in Chapter 5, nowt in Chapter 10, nowt in the bits of the Narrator's Book I checked.

Is changing magic systems dealt with in the rules at all? Or am I looking in all the wrong places, and missing some statement of the bleeding obvious?

Cheers, Nick

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