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Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2009 21:30:26 -0000

Ashley Munday:

> That'll depend on your players and probably will vary across a given
> gaming group. Seeing as the rules recommend 3 hero points a session
> then the players can probably keep their heroes ahead of the base
> resistance and pull away fairly easily (3 hero points is +1 to an
> umbrella keyword and another ability a session).

I'd agree that this is more likely to be the intent. After all, if the resistance was supposed to keep pace, it might be easier to recalculate it each session based on the highest ability of the PCs at that point.

> PS: Just gawping back at my player's character sheets they increased
> their highest abilities at +1/session until they were about a
> mastery over the base resistance then it slowed down a lot. I'm not
> sure about the slowing down though as it's only recently happened in
> the last couple of sessions

Looking at mine, its about +1 per 3 sessions. Which is why (quite rightly) the HQ2 rules say that you should adjust the rate of increase of the resistance according to your group, rather than slavishly following the table as written.

But, equally, it does lead one to wonder what presumed 'typical player behaviour' the table was based on. If your figure were thought to be typical, the intent would be that PCs' chances of success would increase by about +2 per 3 sessions, while, if mine were presumed typical, the intent would, after all, be that it should keep pace. And these obviously aren't the only two options - the table might, for instance, be aiming at +1 per 3 sessions.

Although, obviously, regardless of the 'intent', GMs are going to adjust the table to get the rate of increase they're after, anyway. As the rules say you should :)

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