RE: The merits of relative and absolute resistances (HQ1 and HQ2)

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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 01:15:33 -0000

Hi John.  

I'm not a designer but I'd say yes.  

HQ2 is a narrative game. Its creator has said: "if you want gritty Glorantha then Mongoose have a great system called RuneQuest" I heard him with my own ears. Whether we like it or not the decision has been made.  

An optional rule that goes against the spirit of the game would undermine it quite seriously, in my honest opinion. What's so wrong in trying something new? We have had attempts to provide a programmed, categorized and easily referenced Glorantha over the years and they have always led to dissatisfaction for designers, creators and players alike.  

One thing I've learned: we just don't need that. If you want to play in the Glorantha that is portrayed in the writings and readings of Greg Stafford I think you finally now have the opportunity. My reaction to his missives has nearly always been: fantastic! So how the feck do I put that in my games?! Well now I can and I do and it can be really fantastic! This is not to say that my Glorantha has not varied! It did so right out of the gate but I've never gone so far away from published sources that I couldn't use the ones that interested me.  

If you want to change HQ2/Glorantha back into a traditional-style game then there's nothing stopping you but I for one would hate to see something new that promotes something ancient and beautiful in such a wonderful way turned into something old that fails to do that in a way that has so obviously frustrated Greg for so long.  

On a game-designing note: I understand that if you try to play HQ2 as a simulationist (and I hate to use that term but there is no other handy one available) game then you will either have to re-design it (pointless! Go get RQ-M!) or be dissatisfied because it does not work to support your creative agenda. I don't pretend to be an expert on the matter - perhaps Robin would care to share his point of view - which I suspect does not really care for GNS game theory.  

My recommendation: try the game when it becomes available because it's fab but use the time while you wait to try and get to grips with narrativism. I'm still struggling with it - my roots have been simulationist right from the start - but I think it's worth it.  


I have been very direct in this post and apologise for lack of subtlety or any offense. I intended none, I hope to assure.    

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Subject: Re: The merits of relative and absolute resistances (HQ1 and HQ2)  

This is not a reply to, but something inspired by, Eetu's impressive post on this most topical of topics.

I have a question for the designer(s): would adding a table of comparative resistances undermine the work that much? Even if it was titled as an optional rule for those inclined towards verisimilitude/simulation/gamist agendas/etc/etc?

John Machin
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