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Subject: Scenarios

> > Actually, the adventure *is* just for those heroes. Played by the same
> > players and different heroes it's a different adventure. Or at least I'd
> > hope so! The baseline for the adventure is: it's about the heroes.
> > your baseline.
> Here I was talking of published adventures. Do they not need a
> baseline that tells to what kind of heroes the adventure can be
> easily applied to?

About a quarter of the Sartar Book (the draft of which is very nearly finished at approximately 200,000 words, making it about the same size as the Pavis & the Big Rubble combined) is dedicated to an epic campaign arc and is designed to be "straight out of the box." It has heroquests, feuds, adventures, ducks, romance, seduction, betrayal, and plenty of significant Dragon Pass NPCs (Fazzur Wideread, Prince Temertain, Estal Donge, Entarios the Supporter, and King Kangharl, just to name a few).

But no stats. :)


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