Re: HeroQuest (2nd Ed) will be avaible this June!

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_...>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 05:04:53 -0000

Hey guys,

We greatly appreciate the outpouring of support since the announcement and we have more news about the official world-wide release date soon. HeroQuest and limited copies of the pre-release version of The Sartar Book will be available at the Tentacles conventions. Rick will have an announcement about pre-ordering and prices in coming days.

After Tentacles we will have a general release of HeroQuest and we will give a firm date so you can pester your FLGS. The Sartar Book will be a bit longer since we are still doing the art. But please wait for that announcement first!


> And to go back on track, did we get an answer about pestering out
> FLGS? I can't tell from the announcement if it is only available at
> Tentacles first, and then will creep out to the rest of the world, or
> if it is "available in June, also at Tentacles" (you know, so come on
> over and say hi!)
> Given that the Gaming Stores around here are pretty opposed to
> carrying HeroQuest stuff, (or they say they order it, but the
> distributor just doesn't ship it to them) I'd like to be able to point
> them somewhere specific and begin poking them with a sharp stick as
> soon as is appropriate.

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