Cycle of elements

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Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 09:14:49 -0700

I know this is a Glorantha list comment, but here it goes... I thought the cycle of elements was:

Sky blinds Darkness,
Storm conquers Sky
Earth grounds Storm
Water washes away Earth
Darkness engulfs Water

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> David Dunham wrote:
> > But the rules do present the basis of the conflict. If you have the
> > Fire rune (personality traits Loyal, Honest, Purity) and the Darkness
> > rune (personality traits Cruel, Cold, Secretive), a Narrator who
> > accepts your justification of these incompatible runes is well within
> > her rights to call for your acts of honesty to be opposed by the
> > Darkness rune, and your secretive acts to be opposed by the Fire
> > rune. I haven't had to narrate this myself, but I can easily see that
> > it would result in paralyzing indecision. A difficult character to
> > play even for those who want to play a tortured individual.
> Or does an attempt to integrate opposing runes result in balance and
> Free Will. Admittedly this is a very Lunar philosophy (since the Moon
> is associated with the sense of balance in RQ).
> Although I expect with Elemental runes the situation would be much
> more difficult, because there are no opposite Elemental runes, just
> the traditional cycle of advantage. As in Air defeats Water defeats
> Fire defeats Darkness defeats Earth defeats Air. I really don't see
> any conflict between the Loyal, Honest, Purity, Cruel, Cold, and
> Secretive personality traits myself. You don't need to lie
> (Anti-Honest) to be Secretive, and don't need to be boastful
> (Anti-Secretive) to be Honest.
> Actually I think that is very important. Now that I think about it I
> don't think any Rune, even the Power Runes, should actually have an
> "opposite." After all, the Celestial Court _encompassed_ all of
> creation (supposedly, although the flaws in it eventually tore
> creation apart), so the personality traits of opposite runes probably
> really should _complement_ each other rather than _oppose _each other.
> The major problem with having inappropriate runes (as far as
> personality traits goes) is much more a case of cultural
> incompatability. It's going to be a lot harder for a Daran Happan to
> develop their identification with the Darkness rune than the Fire
> rune. And the "Cruel, Cold, Secretive" aspects of their personality
> would make them seem more stange than the typical daran happan. Mor
> of an odd fish, so to speak.
> Ian
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