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Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 15:43:29 -0700 (PDT)

Todd Gardiner:

> I have a very personal relationship with my wife, but despite rumors that
> indicate otherwise, I don't believe I am going to go mildly insane because
> we have different personalities and personal requirements. And I would
> certainly say that most of my friends differ from me in many significant
> ways as well.

But if the wife says you're not going out drinking with your slobbering-manic friend from high school, that's the problem. It doesn't happen to everyone, but most people are pretty consistent in their tastes. I.e. most folks don't carry both the death rune and the life rune.

> I think that Shaman are special in that they can meet the demands of > their spirit allies without their ego getting in the way.

Spirits are touchy. (We know that from lots of literature.) They have odd tastes and strange thngs offend them. Not every water spirit is going to be offended by your air rune, but you would have a harder time working with a spirit that Orlanth defeated during the war against the waves.

> Especially when the Shaman (in game terms) is not increasing the ratings of his core runes.

Presumably, the inverse of that would be true as well: the more you raise those personal runes, the more problematic they would be to a spirit that finds them offensive. From the spirit's perspective: Suppose a shaman who calls that water spirit mentioned above has XYZ tradition ar 2W2, Some Water Society 12w, and air rune at 17. The dominant things that the spirit will know are the XYZ tradition and Some Water Society membership. Yeah, so the shaman smells bad, too. It's a minor detail by comparison. Maybe the spirit demands that the shaman bathe once a week.

Chris Lemens

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