Re: Re : Mastery-Problem

From: NFranz197_at_...
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 12:23:51 EDT

> An almost identical question (except it was Joe1 insted of John1)
> was asked today or yesterady (have a look at the list).

    It was identical because H. Helms had asked me first, but I didn't have a clue and asked the list (I just joined it last night), and then H. hadn't read my answer to his e-mail address yet, and had posted his question to the list in the meantime.

That's all.


"Fair damosel," said Sir Launcelot, "I may not warn people to speak of me what it pleaseth them; but for to be a wedded man, I think it not; for then I must couch with her, and leave arms and tournaments, battles, and adventures; and as for to say for to take my pleasance with paramours, that I will refuse [...] for knights that be adventurous or lecherous shall not be happy ne fortunate unto the wars ..."
                                        (Le Morte D'Arthur, VI, ch. 10)

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