Re: Re: Augment-only stats

From: Aescleal &#92;(Ashley Munday&#92;) <"Aescleal>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 17:30:47 -0000

> Augments must be narratively entertaining, right?
> A list of things (whetstone, eyeglasses, smoking jacket, etc) that seem to
> have no direct ability use should perhaps be disallowed because they add
> little or no entertainment (especially if the item is with the hero all
> the
> time - it will not be fresh after a couple of uses?).

There's nothing stopping fairly mundane things being part of an entertaining narrative , especially if they highlight a facet of the character. While I'd personally go for more evocative ability names a player in one of my games has got a fairly bland set of abilities but manages to convert those to something a bit special when he uses them.


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