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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 20:14:44 -0000

I followed Tim advice and wrote 2 character descriptions (a little warning : I neither write nor speak english fluently. Don't wait for a literary piece of work).

Here we go with 2 young hivers you could - hopefully - have met in Planescape Torment :

Alcofrybas is a young orphan tiefling raised in a charity kitchen in the Hive. There, he learnt to help others. As a lightboy and then a tout in every ward of Sigil, he saw many things and used this knowledge to further his aim. He has become a busy burglar indeed and what he steals goes in fact to various pantries or the Gatehouse. Member of the Revolutionay League, he pretends to be an Indep and sees his "work" as "evening the multiverse's inequalities". A filthy rich fiend, recently come to he Hive, tries to control the charity works there : rumor says s/he's looking like an older Alcofrybas...

Qep'To follows the Philosophy of Survival his grand-mother taught him. Stern as every githzerai, he tries to adjust himself constantly to the multiverse. He knows how to behave in the endless struggle of life of the Hive. Weapons are just tools : he is the true weapon. His mental powers are just another way to adapt himself to an everchanging fortune. He seeks to *know* himself and would gladly lead a simple and humble life but the multiverse always seems to test him. His xaositect friends are just barmies for him : embracing chaos means constantly adating oneself not creating more change.

One thing comes to my mind as I write those descriptions : as you can pick almost whichever word or expression pleases you to make a keyword or an ability, I should have begun with the essentials, namely Genre, Setting, Mode and Premise.

So what about :
- genre = d&d fantasy focused on belief clashes,

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