Re: Rules for Berserking?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 14:40:57 -0000

Let me put my two cents as the "Rune Tsar" for Moon Design.

First I do not believe any special rules are needed for the use of Eternal Battle Rune (or other appropriate Rune) to fight in a magical whirlwind of frenzied violence. I think the existing rules handle this perfectly well - the question is whether a particular bit of berserk frenzy is dramatically important (and then things like risky combats or pyrrhic combat are useful - just as they are for any other ability).

Second, I think a particular berserker feat will have the appropriate restrictions built into it. Look at the "Frenzy of the Bull Feat" on page 178 of Sartar. Here's what it reads:

"Urox revels in the mad frenzy of fighting, killing, and wanton destruction. He gored the fire god, destroyed the elf forest, and devoured all the vegetation, food, and drink without a thought for the consequences. He cannot be reasoned with, confused, or intimidated; he is mad violence and unthinking strength. When Fear and Death came, Urox was foremost in battle, openly seeking victims among the gods and mortals to send to the Underworld. Once Urox begins his violent frenzy he cannot be stopped except by the healers who can cure him of his divine madness."

Applying the Feats and Heroforming rules on page 82-84, it is pretty clear how an Uroxing using Frenzy of the Bull must act. It is equally clear such a character will be pretty terrify to friends and foes alike.

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