Re: Changing rune affinities?

From: hairyorlanthi <mdawson_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 21:21:32 -0000

> Are your rune affinities changeable after you select them? So, if I select Air, Movement, and Death (say), what happens if I want to join Orlanth Rex? Is it impossible, or do I lose one affinity (probably Death) and replace that with Mastery? Or can I have more than 3 affinities, so simply add Mastery as a new ability?
> I haven't yet seen a specific rule, which seems to suggest I can keep taking rune affinities as long as they don't conflict, but that doesn't feel very Gloranthan (apart from Arkat, natch ;-) ).

An excellent question, especially when expanded beyond "adding a new one."

What about a Heortling teen girl born with affinities for Earth, Life, and Man, but after seeing her parents killed, her older sisters enslaved and her whole village burned to the ground, decides to dedicate herself to Babeester Gor?

Hints suggest BG's rites are quite horrible. I've always imagined (and play it as if) anyone willing to go through said rites who survives can invert her Life powers in order to become a maiden of death.

In fact, I think that by far, this is the "norm" for Axe Maidens. They are not born that way, they are *reborn* that way through blood, suffering and need.

I imagine, in a general sense, the same is true for people deciding to dedicate to Humakt, Storm Bull, or even Chalana Arroy.


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