A new "new guy"

From: Aaron Stockser <nwn2.wow_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 11:32:14 -0700

Hi all,

My name is Aaron. I'm located in Southern California. I've been roleplaying for most of my life. I first encountered HeroQuest a few months ago and have fallen in love with the elegance of its narrative-focused system, but I do have a few questions for people more experienced with it. I'll be posting those in separate threads to try to keep the topics more focused. If there are any forums members out SoCal-way either running or looking for a game, please let me know!

As a little background, I started with D&D (Blue Book w/Keep on the Borderlands) way back when and have progressed through most of the major (and some minor) systems released since that time (Champions/HERO, Torg, Alternity, Mage/WoD, Feng Shui, Star Wars D6, and many more). I knew and played RuneQuest through the Avalon Hill incarnation (surprisingly never being exposed to Glorantha until a few months ago, we played Mythic Earth and Vikings and I have the Stormbringer Black Cover). I come to HQ most recently from FATE and really appreciate the elegance of both systems' mechanics.

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