Rule One issue 9 now available

From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 00:22:43 -0000  

Issue 9, Summer 2011  

In this issue Iskallor describes the area of the Elder Wilds known as Zong's Knuckles; Greg Stafford gives us a look at myths about the Plant Kingdom; Roderick Robertson shares the Badraie Frog People, a minor race; David Millians writes about the foreigners in Kralori society in the Pus-Ridden Devils, Andrew Larson gives us his view of life in Prax, and Calithena and Steve Marsh look at using Heroquests in your game.  

Enjoy the issue!  

Issue downloads in Full-color and/or Black & White are available, as are the archived back issues.  

And, of course, I'm calling for articles for Issue 10 (November release, deadline for articles is October 21) I'd really like to get some more Gloranthan adventures - no need to worry if they are written for HeroQuest, RuneQuest, D&D or My Little Pony - I'll take them all. Other articles happily accepted as well!

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