Re: Errata Erratum?

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 17:17:25 +0100 (BST)


> > > It means that curses are resisted by the highest, most applicable
> ability -
> > > A curse of Blindness might be resisted by "Good Eyesight" or by "Resist
> evil
> > > Sorcerous Magic", which ever is higher and most applicable, just like
> any
> > > other magic.
> >
> > So, a complete non-statement, as I suggested. ;-)
> It is removing the "*Only* magic can resist Curses" wording. It brings it
> back into line with the rest of the game regarding resistance to magic.
> Sure, I *could* have written "just strike through the entire sentence"...

Indeed so...

> > I was thinking that edge-granting _was_ an augmentation, but it looks
> > like the terminology has changed slightly. Fairy nuff, I getcha.
> > I really must try reading my various copies, sometime. ;-)
> You really should, you know. Some minor things may be changed, some major
> (like the removal of most Transfers from the Extended Contest chart that
> someone hadn't realized had occured). If you're going to complain about the
> rules, *please* complain about the printed ones, not old playtest versions
> (not just Alex, but everyone).

Well, I was (and in this case, just querying -- my complaints are generally fairly easy to spot). Just missing some 'context'. Y'know, at times like this, an index would have been _very_ handy...

> getting ready to go to Germany, really.

Have a good one! I heartily recommend the dark wheat beer, whose correct name I forget -- well worth the extra DM. For one thing, you get a bigger bottle...


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