Re: Summoning Lesser Gods etc

From: orlanthumathi <anti.spam_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 23:12:48 -0000

Yes we are certainly reading the same text, and I see it more like your 'however' except there is no reason to worry about "spends a round" because outside of an extended contest there is no reason to worry about moment to moment actions. (Actually, I don't worry about moment to moment stuff even in ECs.)

It isn't purely flavour because, as you point out, you get to use it specifically.

I think the main difference between our perspectives is how it fits into the context of an ongoing conflict. I see this as a dramatic action rather than some kind of missed action. Sure, she isn't directly attacking the opposition, but the example isn't very explicit on the details of the summoning conflict or indeed the surrounding details. In a more detailed example it could be a conflict about summoning whilst under attack.

There is also a bit of a hang-over from HQ1 in the example because the summoning isn't being framed as confict resolution but as a simple task, you get no feeling for an opposed roll or any objective for the opposition, and it gives the impression that it will result in a pass or fail. By the general rules of HQ one could ask why are we rolling at all. I always have problems with these kinds of examples as I would never frame them this way.

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