Re: Magical Abilities, puny vs. powerful

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 13:08:03 -0400

> I've wondered about adding some diversity into HW combat magic.

> One thing would be "disruption" type magic.
> Allowing one to bid 7 AP, and resulting in a wound if successful.

Ah, here we seem to be re-creating RQ into HW. But if you really feel a need to do it, why not just go animst and take 'harm from a distance' as a fetish or talent.  

> Parhaps lightning would be biddable in degrees of 7AP and result in a
> number of wounds. Bidding 28 AP could get four wounds (a hefty -4).

Um, I don't really like this. Wounds are at the behest of the winner but something like this is a bit out OTT.  

> ---
> Can somebody tell me what the hell is sunset leap supposed to be? I can
> make something up, but what were the creators thinking it would be?

Make something up? But what I use is it either lets you do prdigious leaps (and its easier to use at Sunset or to the West) or as a line-of-sight teleport (same restrictions). Its from the Westward Leaps of Mastakos myth.... (not the name but I am sure soeoen will quote the proper one!)  

> Also what are flickering blade and lightning sword like? I wish they had
> taken a bit more time with the feats and given at least basic
> descriptions. Flexibility is good, total ambiguity or plain ignorance
> aren't.

Here we go again. =(

They are augments. If you MUST think of them as such, think of them as bladesharp variants with nifty looking special effects. We use them as augments almost exclusively, though I've seen some attempts (at penalty) to use lightning sword on thrown javelins.

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