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From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 22:22:06 -0400

Gavain Sweetman

> I always use automatic augments to reduce the number of dice rolls before the contest rolls. I have also in the past put in the value of the autoaugment on the character sheet to speed up the calculation process.

The problem with that in HQ1 was that the situation was never exactly the same, so you needed to double-check. Does Hate Lunars apply? Is this really a situation where Relationship to Orlmarthing Clan is relevant?

Ashley Munday

> When I first read HQ II the bit about consequences of defeat and victory were before the section on augments. I remember thinking "Oh yes, no more augments! Consequences of victory do everything they used to." Then I hit the bit about augments and I'm still confused about why they're there.

Because it makes narrative sense. Winning Smile is not always enough to charm the ladies, sometimes you want to ensure success by applying something from that Collection of Exotic Perfumes, or use a relationship with her guild to learn what her favorite color is. In game terms, one main ability, helped by another.

And calculated augments are a quick way to acknowledge the user of an additional colorful ability without devoting a lot of screen time to it (the way you do with a plot augment -- sometimes it's more interesting to have the encounter with the guildmaster, in which case you deserve a larger augment.)

IMO HQ1 was really a lot less narrative, because there was no way a story would pay attention to the 10 or more helping abilities.

Another use for augments: Jane's example could have been using the "Love Husband" as the main ability (it seemed to be the focus), augmenting with combat to help justify its use in a fight.

David Dunham
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