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From: Julian Lord <julian.lord_at_...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 00:08:23 +0200

Alex :

> Ah. Your position then has the merit of consistency, sir -- if
> not logic. ;-)

C'est quoi la diff�rence ... ??

> To try and be a bit more clear, I'm saying there at least seem
> to be two different 'clusters' of (HW) animist types: the above
> sort, represented by the hsunchen especially, and chunks of
> the Doraddi tradition, who are typically at the hunter-gatherer
> cultural 'level', and whose magic is primarily one of integration,
> and have a 'classical' animisy world-view. Then there are the
> Praxians, the trolls, etc, who are allegedly 'higher tech'
> cultures, and who have a religion with a more totemistic/shamanic/
> spirit-cultic/neo-theistic 'spin' to it.

at least two, yes ... ;-)

AFA the Praxians are concerned : yes.

Trolls are a different kettle of fish :

  1. they're inhuman, and are limited by different rules than Gloranthan humans AFAIK
  2. they're First Age (Old Darkness) creatures, with basically First Age cultic practices. Very much _lower_ tech IMO, which also means broader scope non-god-learner-wise IMO.


Julian Lord

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