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Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 18:00:57 -0700

Brad asked

> I was surprised to read about family of Humakti at various parts of the new
> _Hero_Wars_ publications. I had thought that candidates to Humakt were
> required to sever all family ties. Perhaps I am mistaken; does anyone
> remember such a point of view?

I don't remember your reference from Hero Wars, but my point of view is that Humakti are human beings, as are their families. The ritual severing is as much a legal event as anything, absolving their kin from having to pay wergild for those the Humakti kills. It's true that it's a magic ritual and it will reduce their feelings towards their "former" kin, but the kin haven't gone through the same ritual, and haven't lost their old feelings.


> Recently I had to try to rule on the use of Steal Breath. Is this a
> way of a character gaining an extra lungful of air (gaining AP or
> some such) or a way of winding his opponent (opponent loses AP) or is
> it a touch only ability where the character kisses the opponent and
> steals their breath (transfer AP). A simple Mythic example of
> when/how this was used would simplify this for both myself and my
> players.

This is one of those cases where the answer is "yes." Both seem like plausible explanations, so they're probably correct.

> A rules based interpretation of this feat would only serve
> to constrain people from exploring alternative uses for the feat.

A better statement of my point.

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