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From: JEFFREY KYER <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 04:14:11 -0000

(must... control... flashback)

Actually, what happened was this:

The two suviving lunars were in decent shape (good) but their priestess and her flunky was down (bad! very bad! they were in the Godplane at the time....)  

Our Heroes were in mixed shape as well: The Humakti had been goon'd by the lunars (a botched Leaping Shield feat ended up in a 'throw self
on scimitars' feat -- very icky) and the Vingan was down to 1 (!) AP but the two Odaylan's were keeping up a fierce missle barage.

He went for a multiple person attack and went as an 'all or nothing' rather than take part in the extended contest.

Paul made a VERY good speech about how both sides had paid and honour was satisifed and if we kept fighting none of us would get out alive (he was at a -10 for the situation and for multiple opponents, I ruled that there was a further -3. I could have rolled 2x for the luarns and taken the best result but I was in a good mood -- Paul's idea was pretty good and it *was* dramatically approps. They had to defend with their Loyalty to Priestess/Temple (though in this case, loyalty resluted in their wish to protect the priestess in their charge)

We thought about it and had it as a simple opposed contest rather than
a part of the battle. Paul managed an incredibly good roll (and then spent a hero point to make a crit). The lunar's roll was substandard, being a failure. Result: Major success. The Lunars took
the priestess and backed away, promising not to bother the heroes. Poorer results would have generated less graceful surrendur. If they had failed, the Lunars would have been heartened and resumed the attack, possibly with some advantage (clearly these fools are weak!)

> >He now has the name 'The Peacemaker'
> >
> >We had an idea for a new sort of, well, its best described as a
> >relationship (it seems to fit there called Reputation.
> I'd say it fits there. It's sort of a 'power to impress people'
> isn't it?
> --
> Michael Cule

Yeah. And it looks to be a useful little add on.


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