No heroic defense possible?

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 10:09:40 +0200

        This one came up on a discussion in it.hobby.giochi.gdr (that would be - and this is good news, since IHGG is the most important Italian forum on rpgs.

        Anyway, to get to the question, it's the actor who chooses how many APs are bidden each round, and the defender can't alter it, right? This means that how the defender choose to defend has no weight on how much he can lose and/or win. This seems quite strange, doesn't it?

        After all if the actor can choose to go for an all-out attack, putting everything he has in his next strike, so should the defender be able to opt for a more or less risky (and rewarding) tactic. Is there a reason I cannot see behind this rule? Otherwise why not let both the actor and his opponent make a bid and then use the sum of both bids as the stake for the exchange?

	An unseeing Alex.

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