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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 23:00:47 -0700


> I think the Grazers are pure animists whereas most Pentans
> are mixed as the Praxians were.

I have the impression the Pentans are as mixed as the Grazers were -- the Hero Wars writeup suggests to me that until the time of the FHQ, Grazers had begun sacrificial worship (spurred on by the example of their vendref). This was a major source of the religious struggles [King of Sartar p.113].

But Alex

> don't think the Grazers are at all pure, in the sense I
> discussed. I should prolly go remind myself what HW says about
> them before shooting my mouth off, but their relationship
> to their great spirits/deities, and their lack of integrationism
> practices suggests this.

I'm not sure why pure animists have to integrate, but Grazers certainly do. You just have to be of the right age group (note that Jardan the Warrior teaches Spirit Combat so that you *can* integrate).

> (David D., is your price list from PDP online?

I don't think so, though 1) it's in Enclosure 1, which I think is still available; 2) it's much the same as Pendragon.

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