Re: Humakti Regiments (was Introducing Agnar)

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 20:11:12 +0200

Brian Laxson:

[Note: perhaps this should belong to the Hero Wars list, as it's getting very "Gloranthic". Since I don't know if you follow it and I don't want to crosspost if you feel that this discussion is worthy to be continued, please reply on the other list.]

> In Runequest the Humakati gathering places were
> frequently mercenary hiring halls. Hey... if you're
> religiously bound to deal out death you may as well
> get paid for it.

        Agreed but not all the mercenaries who hire out in Humakt's Temples are necessarily Humakti. After all in the Pavis Temple IIRC there is a Wind Lord trainer.

> I see "regiment" magic being along the same lines as a
> hero's subcult. The power comes though from the
> collective history of the regiment.

        I think that your idea could best be represented as a hero band, with a magic relationship to the unit's founder - in short, a mercenary warband and a heroic captain.

> Keep in mind that the Celtic methods where basiclly
> charge, or sneak around and then charge. Doing a
> wheeling maneuver could be seen as magic...
> particularily if using the regalia as above.

        Cool! ;)

> > an outlaw in Heortling society is already more
> > or less dead, no?
> Outlawing is significantly different cultural aspect.
> The outlaw isn't mourned but shamed.

        What I meant is that an outlaw doesn't receive support from his bloodline, nor from his clan nor from his [insert Heortling institution] so is in effect fair game. No ransom, no legal support, no allies in case of a feud. In fact an outlaw sentence amounts more or less to a dead sentence.

> Outlaws are shamed, targetted for suffering and have a
> god all their own... for those who wish to turn away
> from their current god to one who will help survive
> and inflict suffering back.

        But those who perceive their exile as unjust, or perhaps who want to cleanse their reputation and be respected again, or who have renounced their former ways IMO are naturally led to Humakt, if only because they already have their kin ties severed. But also because often those who hate something the most are those who were involved in it.

	A redeemed Alex.

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