Re: Re: heroic defense; animal followers; patrons

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 11:36:23 -0400

Wulf Corbett wrote:
> Yes, but a Follower's abilities rise with the Hero's. How does that
> work with a horse or an alynx? Start with a Big 17 pony that grows
> into a Big 2w2 Baluchithere? An alynx starts with Small 10 and
> becomes microscopic as the Hero reaches his second mastery? No, I'm
> not seriously suggesting it, but there are a lot of animal/non-human
> traits that don't make sense in this case. A case-by-case definition
> of what abilities should and shouldn't rise is OK, just vague, and
> besides, some animal abilities start above the norm for Followers (I
> have a Giant apprentice Spirit Talker, if I decide to open the
> campaign that far...).
> >"Sheep, Sexy" or
> > whatever...
> Not from Aberdeen, are you?
> Wulf

One should always temper things with a little bit of reason. I try not to follow blindly. That's a bit disingenious. Afterall, when you have a human follower who has some trait like Big grow in size? Probably not...

BUT what Hero astride a horse doesn't have a mount that is his favorite. And, in the literature, doesn't that horse get better as the hero does?

In the case of the Alynx follower in our group, some of its abilities as a follower are lower than those of the regular critter. But then, Meesha's a very young little fellow (abeit cute). He'll get better as he gets older...


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