Re: Nils' mysticism rules

From: David Cake <dave_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 11:14:51 +0800

>> > > As the mystic progresses he becomes increasingly immune to
>> > > external influence. At w1 in the mystic philosophy the mystic
>> > > no longer needs clothes and shelter for protection (modesty
>> > > is anoher thing). At w2, the mystic no longer needs sleep,
> > > > food or drink. At w3, the mystic stops aging.

        How about we get the HW rules to buy us a little flexibility here - rather than setting arbitrary breakpoints at which abilities can be gained, lets set difficulties for Refuting various things.

        Ie Refute need for clothes is against a difficulty 14w1 (or against d+20), refute need for sleep, or food, or drink is D+40, etc. This means we know how to use it when a mystic uses their 'no need for sleep' ability against the Chalana Arroys sleep spell etc.

> > > > For each w the orthodox mystic has in the mystic philosophy,
>> > > all opponents receive a -1 handicap in all contests against
>> > > the mystic.
>> >
> > That seems a little modest, esp. at high levels.

> > I thought so too. I was pondering a geometric scale:

        Free augments all round seems a fine way to do it to me, handicaps and edges being somewhat symmetric.


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