Hshuschen-esque Spirits/Totems

From: Clay Luther <claycle_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:26:04 -0500

We started our HW game last Saturday and I immediately ran into a small problem with one of my player's character definitions simply from a rulesy point of view. We all agreed to use Heortling as the base culture and the players set off to write their character descriptions.

Oddly, the player who knew nothing about Glorantha both wrote the best character description and the most troublesome one for me. Basically, without knowing it, his character is a Telmori foundling that was adopted into the clan. He wanted a orphaned character, raised by wolves, but found and adopted into the clan at a very young age. He wrote that his character has strong connections to a wolf-spirit, perhaps even could shapechange into a wolf if he had to.

So, sounds like Telmor-related magic to me.

I decided to treat the character as an spirit-talker "holy person" (Keywords: Heortling, Spirit-Talker, Telmor), and have him have a Telmori spirit ally and assume that the character had somehow over time learned about Telmor so he could direct some worship towards that quarter. The rest of the clan thinks he is mad or possessed, but they've never had problems with wolves since adopting him, so they accept him.

Later, I noticed the section on Hshuschen spirits at the end of the Spirit Magic section, It seemed odd, incomplete, and out of place, but it discusses how they integrate totems.

I was wondering if anyone had fully groked the Hshuschen totem magic yet and could offer some advice about how to treat this character.



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