RE: Durations of Edges/Bonus, Unrelated Actions, Combat

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 22:45:50 +0100

Henrix wrote:
>> It would be better if the game encouraged them to bid higher,
>> or was at least more neutral in that respect.  This is tweakable,
>> but it requires work...

> Over the Edge does this rather nicely. The player has to describe
> what he intends to do. If it is boring, and therefore predictable,
> the GM dishes out a penalty die, if really good/funny you get a
> bonus. This has worked very well in my experience, my players soon
> realized that just saying "I hit him on the head" gave a penalty,
> and soon combat was exciting.

Another of Robin's designs, Feng Shui, gives a penalty if players "re-use" their stunts in exactly the same way, time and again. The rules thus encourage creative and entertaining play. Now, "Hero Wars" certainly benefits from this (or, indeed, requires it), but it does not directly *reward* it in the same fashion.

Interesting, eh?

Cheers, Nick

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