Re: curious personal attack

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 02:00:46 +0100 (BST)

Roderick Robertson:
> When I do not answer a particular heated comment, you can be assured
> that I am doing so to avoid coming across as a vindictive jerk.

I must try that myself, some time. ;-)

> No, I'm not planning on adding descriptions or myths for each feat. I'm
> trying to get some suitably cool stories so that you can pick out your own
> feats from them, but I will not be saying "The Sunset leap feat can let you
> leap far into the sunset."

If the stories contains a decent amount of such information, I'll be a relatively happy camper. I'd like to know the myths for other reasons, but for actually _using_ the Feats, the best examples are, logically enough, narrative ones, I will gladly stipulate.

> One thing that I have found is, no matter *how many times* you say "this is
> only *one way* you can use X", that will soon become the *only* way to do X.

I suggest that depends on how you say it. I don't mind descriptions that are vague, open-ended, or ambiguous: what I don't like are ones that just leave me scratching my head, or thinking 'Must be another all-purpose Augment'. Added information content need hardly imply much greater specificity. (As anyone who's heard Greg on many a topic will testify.)

> How many different rules mechanics do you want for each feat? One? Two?
> Five?

I don't necessarily want any _mechanics_ at all. Certainly nothing as high as even one per feat. The more 'unusual' a feat is, the more case for this, as I hope one might agree Berserk, and some of the less kooky Secrets exemplify.

I'm not sure if anything new by way of 'generic magical mechanics' is required, but that's really a separate matter, and one most likely destined for the file marked 'house rules'. Per feat, I just want to know 'what sort of thing(s) they do', that's all.

> You want myths? here's a few from Morden:

Thanks, I've already had some. Those, in fact. ;-)

> So, what do the Widow's Howl, Dusk-leaping Feat, Setting Sun Throw, Leaping
> Pursuit Feat or Sunset Killing Shield Feat do? You know as much as anyone,
> except maybe Greg.

In the former case, a fair bit. If we get this much per listed Feat in TR, I'll be a happy man. (And a surprised one, who will weep tears of humility and joy openly on this and any other designated forum. That good, as well, would merely be a bonus.) For the others, not very much at all, beyond the names, the amount of context being tiny.

Slán libh,

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