Re: Feats

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 02:57:39 +0100 (BST)

Roderick Robertson:
> Just to use broad numbers, that is a 35 word description. Each god has about
> 3 affinities, and 4 feats per affinity. That's 420 words per cult. For only
> 10 cult write-ups that is 4200 words. I'm planning on more like 20 gods, so
> call it 8,000 words. Out of a book of ~70,000 words. That is a big chunk,
> more than a 10th.

Well worth it, IMO, if they're well-chosen words.

> And what are you willing to give up? Make no mistake, there are definite
> word limits within which I must stay. So, should I cut the Occupation
> keywords? Places in Sartar or Heortland? History? Myths? The Clan generator?
> There are already no characters or adventures (those will be in Sartar
> Rising).

I'd give up some of the characters or adventures, if those are going to be what's 'clogging up' (to coin a phrase) most of SR. Much of your TR contents list sounds like SR (the Regional Book, as it's described) by other means. I'd much rather see background that scenarios, given the choice. Industry sales figures rather back me up on this, don't they? My _personal_ priorities for TR would be keywords, magic, myth, and render unto the regional supplement that which is the regional supplement.

> I gues my question is: "why are *my* myths better than those *you* can come
> up with?"

I kinda thought the point of role-playing game supplements was, collective imagination is better than individual imagination. Or at least, a good stimulus thereto. 35 words, let's say, on Sunset Leap would have spared us, many, many words here, if nothing else.


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