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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 20:50:57 -0700

> Roderick Robertson:
> > Just to use broad numbers, that is a 35 word description. Each god has
> > 3 affinities, and 4 feats per affinity. That's 420 words per cult. For
> > 10 cult write-ups that is 4200 words. I'm planning on more like 20 gods,
> > call it 8,000 words. Out of a book of ~70,000 words. That is a big
> > more than a 10th.
> Well worth it, IMO, if they're well-chosen words.

Your opinion, but not mine or Greg's.

> > And what are you willing to give up? Make no mistake, there are definite
> > word limits within which I must stay. So, should I cut the Occupation
> > keywords? Places in Sartar or Heortland? History? Myths? The Clan
> > There are already no characters or adventures (those will be in Sartar
> > Rising).
> I'd give up some of the characters or adventures, if those are going
> to be what's 'clogging up' (to coin a phrase) most of SR. Much of
> your TR contents list sounds like SR (the Regional Book, as it's
> described) by other means. I'd much rather see background that
> scenarios, given the choice. Industry sales figures rather back
> me up on this, don't they? My _personal_ priorities for TR
> would be keywords, magic, myth, and render unto the regional
> supplement that which is the regional supplement.

TR will be the "Players book" - the region descriptions will be what the player knows (so will become increasingly vague as they stray farther away from the "core' area). Occupations and Magic keywords will be those that Heortling characetsr are expected to take - so Yelmalio won't be in it, nor will Bloody tusk.

SR will be the "GM's book". In addition to scenarios and characters, there will be special creatures, wierd "foreign" cults (Like Yelmalio and Bloody tusk) and occupations (Sun Dome Templar), etc. It will have area information above and beyond what TR has, where necessary. It is no longer a "regional" book as much as a "adventures for you rebellious Sartarites" culminating in the uberarc adventures.

Does this fit Alex Ferguson's scheme of "how things should be?" Heck if I know, but I'm sure that you'll let all of us know exactly how you feel. Will I care for his opinion? I'll leave it to your fertile imagination to figure it out.

Issaries is happy to host alternative rules, feat descriptions, cult writeups, etc on their website. Contact myself or Nils (nils_w_at_...) with your article.

> > I gues my question is: "why are *my* myths better than those *you* can
> > up with?"
> I kinda thought the point of role-playing game supplements was,
> collective imagination is better than individual imagination. Or
> at least, a good stimulus thereto. 35 words, let's say, on Sunset
> Leap would have spared us, many, many words here, if nothing else.

So why, out of the several descriptions that have circulated (at least four), people still complain? Is that not "collective imagination"? Why you are waiting for Issaries to hand down the word of God? Do you need it inscribed in stone? Stamped with the seal of the Most High? Once it is, then all speculation will cease. All alternative interpretations will be shot down "Well, maybe it is..." "NO, the rulebooks says...". You won't need to use your imaginations at all. I bet there are people RIGHT NOW who think that the four feats listed in each affinity are all there is, even though we say otherwise.

Am I cranky? Damn right I am.


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